Finding Your Feet......


Can there be anything more daunting than entering the Lodge Room just prior to the start of a meeting and suddenly realising that you don't really know what's going to happen next; and even if you do have a vague idea, isn't it a little frightening to think "What happens if I don't get it right?"


Join the Learning and Development Team as they guide you though the Lodge Room in a new programme of help and support 'Finding Your Feet' 


After that you won't be left at the kerbside as you suddenly realise 'there's more' - it's a bit like stepping off the pavement and crossing the road.  You know what to do - look right, look left and look right again or even better use the crossing point!


There really is nothing to worry about as we have all been there and we've even got the T shirt to prove it.  Steve Lee's team are on hand to help you cross the road and get you safely to the other side.


Join them in Salisbury and Swindon