An Officer - what me?

And why not?  Now that you have been made a Master Mason you may be asked to take an Office in the Lodge, just what does that mean, what does it involve and is it something I want to do?  These are the usual questions asked by 'new' Freemasons when the Secretary (it's usually the secretary) sidles upto them in the bar (yes, it's usually in the bar) and asks "have you thought about progressing in the Lodge?"


For some Freemasons the opportunity to 'take part in the ceremonies' is just their cup of tea, and they take to it like a duck to water.  While for others it really can be the stuff of their worst nightmare.  Everyone is different and believe it or not, the Lodge will recognise that and respect any Brother who decides that 'progression' is not for them.


The biggest fear of a new Freemason is 'getting it wrong' and there is nothing quite so intimidating as getting it wrong in front of a full Lodge Room.  But help is always at hand in the form of the Lodge Director of Ceremonies, the Lodge Mentor and members of the Provincial Learning and Development Team.


Why not join them as they guide you though the Lodge Room in a new 2020 programme of help and support titled


Taking The Next Step


With their help and support you will be able to navigate your way around the Lodge Room like a veteran Freemasons, discover easy to remember ways to learn ritual and be a more than competent Inner Guard, a more effective Junior or Senior Deacon, but more importantly a more confident member of the Lodge team.


Taking The Next Step is a bit like stepping off the pavement and crossing the road.  You know what to do - look right, look left and look right again or even better use the crossing point.  The team will help you, a bit like The Green Cross Code Man.


There really is nothing to worry about as we have all been there and we've even got the T shirt to prove it.  Steve Lee's team are on hand to help you cross the road and get you safely to the other side.


Join them in Salisbury and Swindon