April Quiz Answers

Q1. The rough ashlar.

Q2. Although there is no Grand Lodge rule the rough ashlar is normally located on the Junior Warden's pedestal.

Q3. The entered apprentice, by their industry bring the stone into 'due form' and made fit for use.


Q4. Grand Officers are appointed by the MW Grand Master.

Q5. The dress collar of a Grand Officer is decorated with an ear of corn on one sdie, while the other has a sprig of acacia.

Q6. There are no tassels on the apron of an active Grand Officer.

Q7.  Provincial Grand Masters process into Grand Lodge according to their date of appointment to the office.

Q8. Grand Lodge is opened in Ample Form and in the third degree.

Q9. The number of salutes to the Grand Master or the Pro Grand Master is - Eleven.


Q10. I am W Bro Gary Dolphin.

Q11. I am the Provincial Grand Almoner.

Q12. A scrip-purse with a heart.


Q13. The first degree.

Q14. Jacob's ladder.

Q15. Heaven and Earth.

Q16. The beehive.

Q17. Industry.

Q18. On the union of the two Grand Lodges in 1813 a number of symbols were 'lost' to Freemasonry including the Beehive.


Q19. The banner of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire.

Q20. WBros. Tomthy Sumbler, and Stephen Cadby.

Q21. The correct abbreviations are PrGStB or ProvGStB.  The Province of Wiltshire uses the former.


Q22. Much is written about the origin and history of the red regalia.  In fact in 1731 the Grand Lodge resolved that Grand Stewards should wear white aprons lined with red silk, and their jewels pendant to a red collar.  Following the union in 1813, the regalia colours for Grand Lodge and Craft Lodges were changed with stewards remaining as red.

Q23. A cornucopia is a curved, hollow goat's horn or similarly shaped receptacle (such as a horn-shaped basket) that is overflowing especially with fruit and vegetables and  is used as a decorative motif emblematic of abundance.

Q24. Generally speaking the Provincial Grand Master appoints six Provincial Grand Stewards each year.

Q25. The wands of a Provincial Grand Steward are white.


Q26. The smooth or perfect ashlar.

Q27. Although there is no Grand Lodge rule the rough ashlar is normally located on the Senior Warden's pedestal.

Q28. A Lewis.

Q29. The smooth, perfect or sometimes the polished ashlar is used by the craftman to try, and to adjust his tools. Symbolically it is a representation of the Freemasons mind as improved by culture.

Q30. The two ashlars, together with the tracing boards are the three immoveable jewels in the Lodge.