Tercentenary News


Three Hundred Glorious Years

The Board of General Purposes is proud to announce that the main London event celebrating 300 years of the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) will be held at the Royal Albert Hall in South Kensington on 31 October 2017.


The gala event will be the culmination of the many varied events taking place throughout the Provinces and Districts during that year.


The Royal Albert Hall will accommodate up to 5,000 Masons and their partners, with 2,500 invited to attend a dinner afterwards at Battersea Park.

A capacity audience at the Royal Albert Hall for Last Night of  the  Proms

ImageTo celebrate the Tercentenary of Grand Lodge and promote Freemasonry thoughout the South West the Province of Wiltshire will be joining forces with our friends from across the region carrying a Banner through Jersey,  Guernsey & Alderney, Cornwall, Devonshire, Dorset and Hampshire & Isle of Wight.

With such a high profile event as the Tercentenary media attention is expected to be quite high with keen interest from local television and radio.

Provincial news print media will be encouraged to publish regular reports on the location of the Banner and it is expected that Brethren from the Provinces will appear with the Banner as it travels through the streets of various towns and villages en route.

Our own Communication team is gearing up to promote the Banner to local and regional media and to feature the Banner's journey from the Channel Islands to London on the Provincial website and in Across The Plain.

There will be photo opportunities for Brethren to record this unique event and Lodge secretaries will be informed of the planned timetable when the Banner will enter the Province.  




300 Hours for 300 Years



We gave an hour



Members of Stonehenge Lodge No. 6114 gave 3 hours each and helped to clean up their village as part of 300 hours for 300 years.


Winterbourne villagers held  their community day 'clean up' on Saturday 12th September 2015 and were helped by Members and their families including Jessican Maybey (in the wheelbarrow)


The Winterbourne Parish council were very appreciative of the teams efforts with pavement cleaning, litter picking and hedge cutting.


More importantly the Lodge members and their families have committed ourselves to their next community day in the New Year.



I gave an hour








Geoff Grant is a man who can always be relied upon to practise what he preaches, and 'helping a Brother or friend in time of need' is what he does best.


It came as no surprise to hear that Geoff, a member of Moonraker Lodge No. 8747 offered to help a neighbour by cleaning their block paved drive.


In total Geoff's efforts took twelve hours to complete 


Geoff demonstrated that characteristic which 'justly denominates a Freemason's heart' and it comes as no surprise to discover that the people Geoff helped, were very grateful and delighted to hear about the 300 hours for 300 years initiative.



We gave an hour



When George Jolley and Phil Henry of Longleat Lodge No. 1478 saw the poor state of a local path they decided to 'do something about it' as part of the Lodge's contribution to 300 hours for 300 years.


Wearing sturdy boots and the obligatory hi-viz vest our intrepid Freemasons armed with the necessary tools attacked the weed strewn path.


Their superb efforts really did 'make a difference' and now the pathway is clear for walkers to enjoy.


Congratulations to George and Phil on a job well done.