About Us

Freemasonry is active in Wiltshire through 44 Lodges (belonging to the Masonic Province of Wiltshire) which meet in centres around the County, from Swindon and Highworth in the North, Downton in the South, Marlborough in the East and Bradford-on-Avon in the West.

The current membership is approximately 2,300 and increasing.

If you are interested in becoming a Freemason and wish to know more about what we do and our active participation in the local community where you live, please do contact the secretary by email, his address is available on the Contact page above.

We have introduced Google maps for all Wiltshire Lodge locations. Here you will be able to zoom in to identify the location where each Lodge meets. 


In order to assist visitors using GPS devices, the relevant post code is also available.



The picture on this page shows the square and compasses on the  Masonic Hall, Bradford-on-Avon.  Photographed by Sue Bacon. 

Freemasonry has given me the opportunity to meet new friends and have a good time in their company. What more could you want in life?