Corsham Lodge 


Lodge No. 6616


Meeting at The Masonic Hall, Bath Road, Pickwick, Nr Corsham, Wiltshire.


The Lodge meets at 6.30pm on third Thursday in September, October, November, December, January, February, March and April.

Installation meeting fourth Thursday in May when the Lodge Tyles at 5.00pm



A Corsham Christmas

ImageYou can always be sure of a warm welcome to Corsham Lodge No. 6616 but there is no doubt that the Christmas meeting brings out even more (if that's at all possible) of the genuine appreciation of a visiting Brother or Brethren. 

Chauffered by Ian Lever, father Ken with Bros Kevin Logan and Peter Winton left Swindon at 4.30pm thinking there was likely to be a lot of traffic on the road to Corsham it was better to leave plenty of time, needless to say there was no traffic and Ian, a Jenson Button fan, arrived at the Masonic Hall with plenty of time to spare.  If they had anticipated their host to be on hand to greet them they were sadly disappointed and so had to buy their own drinks.  Their host did eventually arrive, far too late to buy a second round!

The meeting itself was a jolly affair, as you would expect in the festive season.  The Past Provincial Grand Master (Junior) proved himself adept in the temporary guise of Lodge Director of Ceremonies; rising to conduct the traditional salutation to the distinguished guests which included his successor Philip Bullock he wasn't quite sure which wand of office to purloin, settling on the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies' more ornate and easier to hold implement.  If ever an event lent itself to a little humorous verbal interchange, this meeting surely did and the RW Provincial Grand Master did not need much encouraging as he rose from his seat, raised himself to his full height and responded with great eloquence that "he had never had the pleasure of having a Past Provincial Grand Master offer a salutation but that Bro Francis was particularly good at it".  Not to be outdone, the acting Director of Ceremonies pointed out that he was fully trained to perform such a role as he had once been a Past Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies.  At which point I'm sure someone in the 'less expensive seats' was heard to mutter - 'really'


Next to experience the full majesty of the Acting Director of Ceremonies was Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Peter Winton - no stranger to the one liner and a worthy foil to the swift repartee of Bro Francis; again some witty banter was exchanged.  Thankfully for Stephen Bridge APrGM, he was was informed by Bro Francis that he had no comments for him, thus sparing him the requirement to offer a response - although it has to be acknowledged that the Assistant Provincial Grand Master is no shrinking violet when it comes to the instant riposte, having admirably proved himself in his inaugural year.


The Lodge formalities being over the Brethren proceeded to the business of the meeting which was the Initiation of Bro Andreas Kalogerou, a ceremony conducted in an outstanding manner by W Bro Foster Lewis and his team of officers.  It is always difficult to pick out members of the team for further praise but on this occasion it is proper to record the superb work of the Junior Deacon, Bro da Silva; the excellent presentation of the Working Tools by Bro Deane and the Charge to the Initiate delivered by Bro Malins.


The Lodge was then closed and the 'Swindon Masons' were escorted from the Lodge and to the dining room by their host for the evening Bro Francis Wakem.


The supper table was as always a feast of good things all prepared by Andrew and Frances Evans and seved by their excellent staff.  There is no doubt that the dining experience at Corsham is reason enough to travel to the West of the Province.


During the evening  carols were sung between courses, the newly Initiated Bro Kalogerou was serenaded and all this to the accompaniment of John Beach, organist extraordinaire. 


It was a fantastic night and all the guest were wonderfully hosted by the Lodge - in particular the Swindon  contingent who wish to thank Bro Francis for his hospitality, companionship, laughter and also his Mother Lodge for their very warm and friendly welcome.


A very Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year.


This report and photograph was submitted by Bro Ian lever - Highworth Lodge No.9009  If you are visiting a Lodge or Chapter why not send a short report on your visit and we will publish it on the Lodge micro site within the main Provincial website