Charity it's in a freemason's DNA, and it's an integral part of his nature to be charitable and offer support to those in need.  Indeed Freemasons are guided by four principles, Integrity. Respect, Friendship and Charity.

Wiltshire Freemasons Support Local Charities


Wiltshire Freemasons support a wide range of national and local charities.


A number of organisations are the recipients of a regular giving campaign, designed to ensure their work continues year by year without the fear that a funding stream will 'dry up' .


Usually, a Freemasons' Lodge will support a charitable organisation known to its members and where there is a special affinity; such as a group or cause which has helped a family member or friend.  


Support is not based on the size or perceived importance of the charity or organisation.  Every award is important, whether it's a £5,000 donation to a local hospice, a £500 donation to a medical charity or a £50 donation to the local Scout troop. 

The Wiltshire 2028 Festival

To raise money for the MCF, provinces in England and Wales organise fundraising appeals known as festivals. 

Festival appeals, usually lasting five years, are a vital source of funding and generate the majority of donations made to the MCF.






Support Freemasons' appeals and campaigns on behalf of other charities.

Make a single or regular donation to the Festival Appeal or Lodge Relief Chest 

Watch your donations grow when you support the Provincial Festival Appeal.

The Masonic Charitable Foundation is the national charity of Freemasonry under the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE).

UGLE is the governing body of Freemasonry in England, Wales, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and some Districts overseas.

Donating to The Wiltshire 2028 Festival