Stonehenge Lodge




Lodge No. 6114

Meeting at Freemasons' Hall, Crane Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire.


Meets at 6.00pm on the second Wednesday in every month (except May, June, July and August) 


Installation at October meeting when the Lodge Tyles at 5.30pm






A Christmas cake with style (and lots of taste)

ImageWhat a superb cake, made for Stonehenge Lodge Ladies Christmas festival.

As part of the Lodge Christmas festivities the Brethren and family members organised a superb Christmas party on Saturday 17th December iin Freemasons' Hall, Crane Street, Salisbury.

Father Christmas arrived and presented gifts to all of the ladies present, ably assisted by his Elves (no suitable photos unfortunately!).

A goodly sum of money was raised for local charities and everyone had a really good time!

I'm told the cake was good too!

Bro Raju presents £3,000 to Lucy's Days Out

ImageIt wasn't a difficult choice for Bro Raju and his wife when they chose local charity Lucy's days Out to support in his year as Master of Stonehenge Lodge No. 6114.

Lucy Page was a bright, happy young girl who had lived with cancer a long time and treasured all her special days out.  When Lucy knew her cancer was untreatable, she asked her family to set up a charity in her memory. Lucy decided she would like families living with serious illnesses to enjoy special outings like the ones she had enjoyed.

To give a child a reason to smile is such a rewarding thing, also as a family it is a heart warming experience to have a fun day amongst many dark days of hospital visits.  Lucy was very courageous and designed the title and logo, along with the charity aims, herself.  


Charlie's choice raises £3,000

ImageIt wasn't a difficult choice for Charlie Killick to make, but it was an inspired one and the Brethren of Stonehenge Lodge clearly agreed with him when he nominated the John McNeill Opportunity Centre as his chosen charity during his year in office as Master of the Lodge.

The John McNeill Opportunity Centre was formed in 1979 by a small group of parents who had pre-school children with special needs and could not find the support they required during the early years of their children’s lives. 

Over the years they have developed and now work alongside mainstream settings to provide a specialist environment with vital services that help children develop the essential strong foundations that will benefit them the rest of their lives.

The Centre has a great team of staff who are qualified and experienced with knowledge and resources that have been built up over many years, sharing their expertise and helping with transitions into other settings and schools to ensure that the children’s needs will be met as they move into full time education.

The John McNeill Opportunity Centre is the District Specialist Centre for South   Wiltshire, welcoming children with additional needs and help to support their  parents and carers.

The children have a range of difficulties associated with autistic spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, communication difficulties, genetic disorders and sensory impairments.Image

John McNeill Opportunity Centre provide a special environment that makes each child feel safe, secure and understood – where they settle happily and begin to build confidence.  The children are at the centre of everything  and the staff ensure that the time children spend with them is quality time and build on their strengths to help them with their difficulties.

And that's why Charlie's choice resulted in the Lodge raising £3,000 to help further the work of the John McNeill Opportunity Centre.

Picture shows Charlie killick presenting his cheque to Angela from the John McNeill Opportunity Centre.  Members of the Lodge together wih Charlie and Philip Bullock, Provincial Grand Master will be visiting the Centre on Tuesday 9 February 2016.