John Reid


John is married to Carole, both originally from the west country - Devon and Cornwall respectively (which must make for an interesting discussion when deciding whether it's jam or cream first on scones). They moved to Wiltshire in 1983.


John was Initiated into the Border Lodge No 3129 in November 1988 and became Master of the Lodge in April 1998.  He is also a member of Wiltshire Masters' Lodge No 6731, where he was Installed as Master in September 2014.


He was appointed a Provincial Grand Steward in October 2000 and the following year promoted to Past Provincial Senior Grand Deacon and in 2007 to Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden. 


In April 2022 the MW Grand Master HRH the Duke of Kent honoured John with the Grand rank of Grand Sword Bearer an active rank which he is very proud to hold.


John was exalted into the Royal Arch as a member of Thynne Chapter No 1478 in February 1991 and was their First Principal in 2001.


He has held an active Provincial Office in the Royal Arch since 2003 when he was appointed Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies, in 2004 John was promoted Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies, and in 2005 Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, an office he held for six years.


In May 2011 he received further advancement to Provincial Third Grand Principal, and the following year Provincial Second Grand Principal.


John was appointed Deputy Grand Superintendent in 2013. 


In 2008 he was appointed a Past Grand Standard Bearer in the Supreme Grand Chapter of England and promoted to Past Grand Sword Bearer in 2013.


John was appointed Grand Superintendent by the First Grand Principal HRH The Duke of Kent, and in October 2022 John was Installed as the fifteenth Provincial Grand Master for Wiltshire.  The fourth person to hold both the offices of Provincial Grand Master, and Grand Superintendent.


In his youth John was reckoned to be a pretty good footballer, indeed it is said that he lived to kick a ball at any and every opportunity.  He was considered a handy player and good enough to play in the South Western league.


Today John can best be described as an armchair sportsman with an insatiable appetite for watching soccer and rugby.  So much so that the batteries in the remote need to be changed frequently to allow for John’s channel hopping antics.


John’s family were lovers of the long-haired dachshund also known as badger dogs and sausage dogs.  Their temperament is described variously as Clever, Stubborn, Devoted, Lively, Independent, Active, Playful, Courageous. 


John and Carole decided that the wire-haired version of the breed was more to their liking and for forty years have provided a home to nine of the breed.


Currently John and Carole have two horses, an ex-racehorse and a Polish warmblood which they really did save from the knackers yard.


While Carole is the real deal and ‘horsey’ member of the family, it may come as a surprise to discover that John is a talented rider too.  It was John’s grandmother who encouraged him to take up riding but it wasn’t all plain sailing.