What is Teddies For Loving Care?


Teddies For Loving Care (TLC) was established within the Province of Essex in 2000 as a ‘Freemasonry in the Community’ initiative, and introduced into Wiltshire in 2005.


TLC’s simple objective is for Freemasons to provide teddy bears to distressed children admitted to the Accident and Emergency units at Salisbury General Hospital and Swindon's Great Western Hospital.  In order to achieve this objective, the decision as to whether a child receives a TLC teddy bear is at the absolute discretion of the medical staff administering treatment. Each child that receives a teddy bear is of course allowed to take their teddy bear home.


Each teddy bear carries a tag Donated by local Freemasons and the pure nature of the appeal has benefitted Freemasonry.  There is no doubt that as a result of this small and simple gesture, there is an increasing public awareness of the contribution being made within the local community by Brethren; as well as a greater understanding of the moral principles on which Freemasonry is founded.


How is TLC funded?


The charity receives funds that have been donated by local Freemasons.  The funds are raised through raffles, sales of merchandise, appeals and the generosity of Lodges who donate funds from the Lodge Relief Chest.


How is the Province involved?


The Province administers the logistical support in purchasing, storing and distributing teddy bears to the Accident & Emergency departments  in Salisbury and Swindon.  The Province also promotes Teddies For Loving Care as a primary charity at events throughout Wiltshire and provides display material for use at Masonic Hall open days and charity presentation evenings.


What if I have a question?


Enquiries about Teddies For Loving Care within Wiltshire should be addressed to the Provincial Communication Officer.


In common with many similar organisations Teddies For Loving Care has clear brand guidelines which govern the way in which the TLC Logo is used, and specific rules on type face, font size and spacing.  All media requirements such as posters, pamphlets and advertising copy should be discussed and agreed with the TLC Wiltshire representative before production or printing occurs.