Provincial Communication Team

The Province is committed to a policy of open, transparent and honest communication, whereby Freemasons and members of the public can be assured that questions and enquiries will be responded to without undue delay and in as open a manner as is practicable and within terms which do not breach data protection legislation.


Media enquiries are always welcome, and the Province will provide spokespersons, comment and press briefings to answer journalists' enquiries. 


Please email Communication Officer

What we do


The Provincial Communication Team is responsible for developing and implementing an effective strategy of verbal and non-verbal cross media information provision.


As part of its activity, the team interfaces with local newspaper journalists, providing press releases, and writing articles and news items.


The Communication team is responsible for the management of the Provincial website, twitter account and producing the bi-annual Provincial magazine - Across The Plain. The Provincial Display Unit visits local events such as Armed Forces Day and the Emergency Services Show plus Lodge fetes and Open Days.


Magazine & Newsletter


Across The Plain, the online magazine of the Province of Wiltshire is published bi-annually and posted on the Provincial Website. 


The magazine contains a mixture of informative articles and other items of interest.


Andrew Hargreaves is the Assistant Editor of Across the Plain, and the monthly newsletter.  Andrew is also responsible for narrating the audio version of In touch > On line


Limited advertising is available and enquiries from businesses with a Masonic connection are always welcome. 


News content, Lodge information and articles of interest are always welcome and should be submitted directly to the Editor.


All submissions for inclusion in Across The Plain are subject to editing processes and the editors decision in all matters is final.  


Digital Media


The importance of digital and social media has long been recognised by the Province.


In 2001 the Province launched the first website designed exclusively to promote Wiltshire Freemasonry, and in the intervening period it has been modifed and now provides an even better user experience.


The Province has an active twitter site @wiltspgl which is accessible for reading and 'tweeting' from the website front page.


You can also follow the Province on Facebook @pglwiltshire


Development of Lodge websites is managed by Mark Newman


Please remember that UGLE and the Province have strict guidelines as to what can and what cannot be contained in a web site, to avoid any disruption to any plans you might have for a Lodge web site please contact the Provincial Web Master before undertaking any work or entering into any contract or agreement to develop and build a web site.

 Our Display Trailer


The public face of Wiltshire Freemasonry is enhanced by the Provincial Display Trailer.  Purpose built, it provides the ideal facility to be located at local events such as the Armed Services day in Trowbridge, and at venues such as Salisbury Market.


Manned by volunteers under the ever watchful eye of Gordon Lindsay and Paul Sharp, the display unit attracts lots of interest and offers members of the public the opportunity to obtain information about the role of Freemasonry in the community.


If you wish to help in moving and manning the Provincial Display Unit email Gordon Lindsay He will be very happy to explain what is involved and when and where the display stand will next be located.


The Provincial Display Unit is managed by Gordon Lindsay and Paul Sharp. 


Creative developments are in the capable hands of Ian Lever.


Communication with local media is managed by Des Morgan.


Photography is viewed and created through the lens of Adrian Wooster, Gary Dolphin and Simon Grove.