Sarum Lodge No.5137





Meeting at Freemasons' Hall, Crane Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire.


Meets at 6.30pm on the first Wednesday in every month (except January, June, July, August and September) 


Installation at October meeting when the Lodge Tyles at 5.30pm

























History of Sarum Lodge No 5137

Date of Warrant 7th August 1929. Consecrated 28th September 1929


The Sarum Lodge, formed in 1929, has taken the name of a very much earlier Lodge that met in Salisbury from about 1732. This Lodge was first known as the Salisbury Lodge and then by various names of the Inns in which it met and finally drifted into being known as Sarum Lodge. In 1732 it was the only Lodge meeting in Wiltshire. Much of this early history is mentioned in the chapter on Elias de Derham, as the very early minute books are in the hands of that Lodge, which, formed as the old Sarum Lodge, seemed to fade away in the early 1800’s. …So, there was no Sarum Lodge until a new Sarum Lodge was Consecrated on September 28th, 1929.


We now start to look at the new Sarum Lodge: - The details of this lodge start with minutes of the early meetings of the Founders. The first dated February 1929, where it was said that the object of the meetings was “to discuss the formation of a new Lodge in Salisbury in view of the very large numbers of Brethren in the Elias de Derham Lodge, making the length of time it was taking Brethren to obtain office rather long”. The Provincial Grand Master of that time, Lord Radnor, approved the idea and wished to become a Founder member of the Lodge, when formed. The title decided on was “The Sarum Lodge”.


The first Master was to be W Bro E C L Parker, the Senior Warden, Bro J.E.Thornton and the Junior Warden, Bro  D.R.Davies. Bro Vincent to be secretary Pro-tem. and the Treasurer — Bro T R Maddox. Lord Radnor agreed to accept the position of I P M. 


A name added to the list of Founders was Lord Folkestone (DPrGM). The minutes of the Consecration meeting show that the Consecrating Officer was RW Bro T C P Calley, the Provincial Grand Master by that time. Assisted by RW Bro Lord Radnor, Past Provincial Grand Master, and Lord Folkestone, Deputy Provincial Grand Master. Amongst the first officers was the farmer and writer A G Street, who was a steward. He eventually rose to Senior Warden but then eased out, going through the chair in his Mother Lodge. Bro Vincent was to continue as Secretary.


At the second meeting of the Lodge a presentation was made of a set of Warden’s columns and gavels — this by Lord Radnor. A Charity Maul (?) by the Worshipful Master.


Lord Radnor did not live very long to serve as I P M as, in 1930, a letter was read from Lord Folkestone, thanking the Lodge for its sympathy expressed on the death of his father.


When Bro Thornton went into the chair of Sarum, he had to do this under a dispensation from Grand Lodge. He was also in the chair of his mother Lodge, Berkhamstead, No 4903. (This was as recorded in the minutes but this Lodge is really “Old Berkhamstedian Lodge, Meeting at the school). Also, at this meeting an application for a joining member was put forward, in the name of Bro Rev. Wyons Mauleverer Marmaduke Mauleverer Gowan Mauleverer of St Francis House, Salisbury, and a member of Boscombe Lodge No 2158. When he eventually went into the chair of Sarum, 1945, the address to the master was given by his brother, a Past P G Warden of Hampshire & Isle of Wight. From then on there has been intervisiting between Sarum and Boscombe Lodge on a very regular basis. V W Bro Rev. Ernest Lovett, P G Chaplain, the Bishop of Salisbury, also became a joining member.


The Lodge was growing fast, especially after the second World War when, on one occasion, in 1948, six candidates were proposed one evening. In 1950 it was also proposed that “as clothes rationing had now finished — dark clothing — black tie and white collars should now be worn”!

March 1964 one brother reported that he had seen, in a Cheltenham shop, a decanter engraved with the crest of Sarum. This was to be investigated but there is no further mention of this object in the minutes.


In 1963, W Bro S R Naish retired as Secretary, having served 25 years in that office and, in 1972, W Bro W G Vizard retired as Director of Ceremonies, having done that job for 20 years.


Sarum Lodge is still progressing, usually one or two candidates each year, with a further Provincial Grand Grand Master (R W Bro J R Ing) among its members and also an Assistant P G M (W Bro Brian H Edwick). W Bro Thornton also having been a D P G M of the Province in 1939.  (From W Bro F M Mcfarland PGSwd Br, which was written in 1999)


In 2020 Sarum Lodge continues to progress and grow in strength with many new members joining as well as initiating several candidates over the last year and many more waiting to be initiated. The Lodge still maintains a strong connection of having not only the current Provincial Grand Master as member, but also several Past Provincial Grand Masters as an Honorary members.


Sarum Lodge also produce a bi-annual Newsletter called Inspire.