A Lodge is the modern version of what used to be a group of working stonemasons. These days, rather than stonemasons, a Lodge can be viewed as a social team whose common objective is to promote and share in the experience of pursuing the precepts and values of Freemasonry.

In Wiltshire, 44 Lodges meet in centres around Salisbury Plain from Swindon and Highworth in the North, Downton in the South, Marlborough in the East and Bradford on Avon in the West. Membership is in the order of 2,300 and increasing year by year.

Lodge of Rectitude, is the oldest Lodge in Wiltshire being over 200 years old. Although it has had several meeting places it now meets in Corsham.

In Salisbury, Swindon and a number of other areas there are purpose built Masonic Centres which host a number of Lodges and are often used by non-Masonic groups to hold events ranging from wedding receptions and birthday parties to celebration lunches.

All Lodges are governed by a Master who is elected to office by the entire Lodge membership. The elected Master appoints the Lodge officers who include a treasurer and secretary. Minutes of Lodge meetings are routinely offered to centres such as the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre where they are retained for posterity. Almost all Lodges take an active part in the community offering help and support to a diverse range of societies and groups ranging from the local Scouts and Guides to the Silver Threads.


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