Masonic Samaritan Fund 2017 Wiltshire Festival


The Masonic Samaritan Fund 2017 Wiltshire Festival has now entered its fourth and penultimate year.  When we launched the Festival at Provincial Grand Lodge in October 2012 we had high hopes that Lodges throughout the Province would rally to the cause, knowing full well that the Masonic Samaritan Fund was the Freemasons' charity, 


Our hopes have been realised in so many ways, thank you to everyone who has contributed to the current state of our Festival


If your Lodge is organising an event to raise funds for the Masonic Samaritan Fund 2017 Wiltshire Festival please let us know by advising the web editor.


To discover more about the Festival's progress view our video update.

Progress Report





The success of the Masonic Samaritan Fund 2017 Wiltshire Festival is down to the huge efforts of so many people.


Whether it's an individual or Lodge donation, the fact remains, that to raise a single pound requires someone to do something.


The ingenuity of Lodge committees who devise such events as sheep racing - barbequeues - garden parties - lunches - sporting dinners - afternoon tea - hog roasts - music soirees, to name but a few, is a constant source of amazement to me.  But, I thank each and every one of you for everything you do.


We have a target, no surprise there, which we hope to meet; it is a big sum, £750,000 and yet I have every confidence that we will reach the target and who knows we may even beat it by a few pounds!


Whilst the target is important, as the money raised will ensure the Masonic Samaritan Fund can continue to do great work on our behalf, it is also important that whatever route we use to raise money, we should have fun fundraising.


Thank you for all your efforts in support of the Festival


Peter Winton 

Chairman -  Samaritan Fund 2017 Wiltshire Festival 




Fun Indoors


Whether its 'sheep racing' or a quiz night, Freemasons know how to have fun and put on a good event.


Gooch Lodge No 1295 raised money for the Masonic Samaritan Fund with an evening of entertainment including a sheep race organised by Eddie Child.


Yet another example of how Freemasons and their family enjoy themselves while helping to raise funds for a good cause.


Please let the Provincial Communciation Team know about your event, you never know, your Lodge may well appear on the news page.





25 Years


The Masonic Samaritan Fund celebrates an important milestone this year, its 25th Anniversary.


To mark the Anniversary the MSF initiated a £1m Silver Jubilee Research Fund inviting members from every Province across England and Wales, and from the Metropolitan Grand Lodge area, to vote for their choice of charity to receive a share of the £1million.


The final allocation of funds was confirmed by the MSF Trustees at their meeting in September and the successful chariities to benefit were those engaged in research to prevent and more accurately diagnose and treat cancers and degenerative diseases.



Fun Outdoors


When Richard Wright of White Horse Lodge No 2227 was wondering what he could do to raise money for the Masonic Samaritan Fund, he decided to hold a quintessential English tea party.


Scones with strawberry jam and cream, dainty pastries and yummy cup cakes, how could he fail?


Well, of course he didn't and everyone who attended the summer garden party had a really good time, best of all White Horse Lodge raised money for a great cause.


Whatever the event, don't forget to send a brief report and photograph to the  editor.