How can we help you.....


Are you a Freemason or a Masonic Widow, and are you following Government guidelines by self isolating due to your age, illness or for any other reason?


You might like to have some assistance in order to get you through the day.  It may be that you would like some shopping collected, a letter posted, help with using your email or just advice on programming the television for your favourite show; whatever it is, please remember, there is someone ready, willing and able to help you - they are your Freemason Friend.


Being alone can be quite nice, especially when it allows you to do the things you love best.  Occasionally, being alone can lead to loneliness and that's when a friendly face, a reassuring voice, and someone with whom you can share a cup of tea can make all the difference.  If you feel lonely you can count on your friends in Freemasonry to be here for you.  There are three easy ways to meet with your Freemason Friend.

1.  If you need help please follow the link to the How can we help you? form, fill in your details, save the form, and send the form to

2.  You may be approached by a Wiltshire Freemason, who will give you a form with his name and a contact telephone number.  Please do contact them.

3.  A Freemason from a local Lodge may post a form through your letterbox.  Their name and telephone number will be on the form. Please do contact them.

We are only a phone call away, it's really that easy - either dial the number of your Freemason Friend or ring the Provincial Office 0 1 7 2 2  4 1 3 0 2 1




The link will take you to a form which you can fill in with your details, save and send to or post to 


Wiltshire FreemasonsInteger Park I Common Hill I North Cricklade I Swindon I SN6 6HA


we will appoint a local Freemason to contact you


We can help you.....


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