Ian Priest announces Masonic Charitable Foundation Awards





Ian Priest is pleased to announce .............


Provincial Charity Steward Ian Priest was particularly pleased with the content of his post box this week when he received a large envelope.  The day he had been waiting for had arrived - and no it wasn't his GCSE results!


These results were probably just as important to the four charities who were nominated by Ian and the Province to receive a share of £50,000  from the Masonic Charitable  Foundation Community Awards.


The  Masonic Charitable  Foundation Community Award winners were chosen by Freemasons and members of the public in a popular vote;  with tens of thousands  of  votes  being cast the task of discovering 'who got what' through every Masonic Province and London was left to the staff of the MCF together with independent scrutineers. 


Your editor asked Ian whether he had a favourite charity, as you can imagine he was very diplomatic in his response.  Ian said "Each of the four charities nominated does such a fantastic job, helping people who really do need support and it really would be impossible to choose between them.  So I am glad that a vote was held and I am very happy that Hope Nature Centre will have £25,000 to invest in projects they are undertaking in the Trowbridge area."


The other charities to benefit from the Community Awards are 


The John McNeill Opportunity Centre based in Salisbury who received £15,000


The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust who received £6,000 and 


The Swindon SMASH Project which received £4,000


Ian will be arranging for each of the charities to be presented with their cheques and inviting representatives from each of the four charities to be present at Provincial Grand Lodge in Salisbury on Thursday 5th October.  




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