Knights Templar

ImageThe Order was first worked in England in 1777, having probably originated in France. There are two Degrees: Knights Templar and Knights of Malta, these being joined by a ‘passing’ Degree of Knight of St. Paul.  A candidate for the first Degree is in the position of a pilgrim travelling symbolically through hardship and dangers until he is received as a Knight. It teaches humility and urges the candidate to live his life as a Christian Knight. The second Degree deals with the period when the Knights travelled from Palestine to reach their final home in Malta, emphasising their Christian virtues. 

For more information on the Order of Knights Templar or to give it its proper title: The United Religious, Military and Masonic orders of the Temple and of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta in England and Wales and Provinces Overseas,  please contact the Vice-Chancellor: Terry Jessop or click on the link to the Provincial Priory of Dorset & Wiltshire.

Richard Francis Micklefield

Provincial Prior


The Prior for the Provincial Priory of Dorset and Wiltshire is Richard Francis Micklefield.


I was born in Hampshire but my family relocated to Twickenham, Middlesex where I grew up.  I went to school in Teddington and gained an apprenticeship with Hawker Siddeley Aviation and while there I gained a MSc in Aircraft Design at Cranfield Institute of Technology.


I continued my employment with Hawker Siddeley Aviation, British Aircraft Corporation and British Airways.  An opportunity arose for me to continue my aviation career in Hong Kong and in 1984 my wife, son and I moved to Hong Kong where I enjoyed 9 years of expatriate life, 


I was initiated into craft Masonry in the Red Scarf Lodge No 8448 on 6th May 1982, but left the UK on 6th October 1984 for Hong Kong where I continued my masonry in the Corinthian Lodge of Amoy No 1806 and found a taste for many of the progressive Orders, one of which was Knights Templar.


I was installed as a Knight in the Province of the Far East in the Victoria Preceptory No 78 on 22nd November 1991, but left Hong Kong in 1993 and then found refuge in Hyde Preceptory No 98 in Dorset & Wiltshire on 7th October 1997 where I have since enjoyed KT Masonry. 


I hold Grand Rank in Mark, Red Cross of Constantine, R&SM and Allied and Provincial rank in Craft, Chapter, RAM and OSM and am a member of KTP, Royal Order of Scotland, Operatives, Scarlet Cord, KBHC and Rose Croix.


My hobbies apart from Freemasonry are Scouting, Brownsea Island , flying and motor-homing. 



Knights Templar


The Order is administered from Mark Masons' Hall located in London's fashionable St James's Street.


The Province of Dorset and Wiltshire is the oldest Province in the Order, having been 'Erected' by the Duke of Sussex, then Grand Master of both the United Grand Lodge of England and the Great Priory of the United Orders of the Temple and of Malta, in 1836.